DIY plywood enclosure case for LW-Clock


A enclosure case for LW-Clock board device. By Laser cutting machine.
Material: playwood
Size: approx. L 180 x W 46 x H 42 mm

Enclosure 3D Model

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Suitable for LW-Clock is made of woodworking industry waste and comes as a retro-style. Different colors and finishes can give a device a unique look which fits into any design of the apartment or office

Easy to install.

Durable and practical

Thickness of plywood 5 – 10 mm

The case is disassembled. You need to glue the parts and paint the body in the desired color or varnish.

If you have any questions or there is an error, please contact via a message to help you  (attach some pictures can help resolve your problem).

Informacje dodatkowe

Waga 0.3 kg
Wymiary 180 × 46 × 42 mm

lenght 180 mm
width 46 mm
height 42 mm




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