DIY Black polished acryl enclosure case for LW-Clock


A enclosure case for LW-Clock board device. By Laser cutting machine.
Material: black polished acryl
Color: black
Size: approx. L 134 x W 45 x H 38 mm

Enclosure 3D Model

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Suitable for LW-Clock and fits perfectly into modern apartment or office design.

Easy to install.

Durable and practical

Thickness of acryl 3 mm

You have to remove the protective plastic film (blue) and them proceed to assemble the 6 pieces.
The case is disassembled. You need to glue the parts.

If you have any questions or there is an error, please contact via a message to help you. (attach some pictures can help resolve your problem).

Informacje dodatkowe

Waga 0.3 kg
Wymiary 134 × 45 × 38 mm

lenght 134 mm
width 45 mm
height 38 mm






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