Universal information board “Information station SmarTec”


The exact time, the temperature outside the window, the latest news, the opening hours of a store or office, reminders at a given time and even the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel … All one smart information station “SmarTec“, which will replace many different devices such as a clock, a weather station, a calendar, a alarm board and even a night light.


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Many built-in functions allow you to use the SmarTec station both at home and in business (shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, fitness rooms – wherever you need accurate and up-to-date information for visitors and employees).


for home

  • always precise time (synchronization with NTP time servers)
  • large clock (full screen) and small clock with additional information display (you can set a schedule for changing modes)
  • display of current weather in your city and weather forecast (temperature, humidity, pressure, cloudiness, wind speed) on schedule
  • display of the latest news on schedule
  • reminder of events according to a specified schedule in the form of static text or creeping line
  • three independent zones for displaying information
  • high brightness even in direct sunlight
  • setting the brightness for day and night mode
  • information in three languages ​​including Cyrillic
  • control via web interface or mobile application

additionally for BUSINESS

  • inscriptions “OPEN” / “CLOSED” according to the work schedule of the store / office
  • advertising inscriptions in Latin and Cyrillic on a schedule in the form of static text or creeping line
  • excellent visibility of the displayed information even in bright ambient light
  • setting the operating mode and brightness for day and night mode

additionally for BLOGGERS / VLOGGERS

  • display of the number of subscribers of the YouTube channel and the number of views of all videos
  • displaying the number of Like a given video on YouTube, the number of views and comments to the video
  • notification of new subscribers, new Likes and comments to a given video

For developers

  • Hackable: Open source hardware and firmware, displays information read via UART
  • firmware & filesystem update via Wi-Fi

The information station is configured and controlled via the WEB interface or mobile application.

You can purchase kits for self-assembly in our store:

The code and instructions for the firmware can be downloaded GITHUB

Schematic P4-ESP32-WEMOS-DevKit-SmartMatrix_v2.0

Thanks to Wi-Fi support, the device connects to the Internet and has the ability to synchronize time with time servers, receive weather data, weather icons, today’s date in various formats, news, information about likes and subscribers from Youtube, etc.

Case size 262x134x38 mm

Delivery set:

  • Information station SmarTec;
  • Power supply unit 220V, 5А;
  • User manual.


RGB LED matrix: Size 256×128 mm
Pixel Pitch 4mm (P4)
Resolution 64×32
Brightness 1000 cd / m2
Scan rate 1/16
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Power consumption: 15 – 30 W
Protection: IP50
Control: Wi-Fi (Web interface or mobile application)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 265 × 135 × 50 mm
Type MC

ESP32 Mini32 Development Board







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